Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

Friendly Visits, Excellent Care; Every Patient, Every Time.

Vision Statement

We will be the regional leader in:

  • Primary Care
  • General Medical and Surgical Services
  • Cancer Care
  • Post-Hospital Care, and
  • Healthcare Education

Values & Employee Standards

With the patient being the center of all we do, we are committed to excellence through:

  • Quality
  • Friendliness
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Service, and
  • Teamwork

Holzer is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our communities, our employees, and our physicians. We will be a financially stable organization that rewards and recognizes people appropriately and fairly for a job well done.

The Holzer Culture Commitment

As employees, we share in the responsibility of fulfilling the Mission, Vision and Values of our Health System through our commitment and energy to the principles that define our culture. In recognizing and promoting a positive place to work, provide care, be cared for, and contribute to our communities; we make the following promises to ourselves, to one another and to the System as a whole.

I promise to always demonstrate Quality by taking ownership of my words and actions, embracing failures as opportunities for improvement and promoting change through positive, self-reflective interactions.

I promise to always promote Friendliness by modeling the Holzer standards of behavior, daily coaching and mentoring of new employees and leaders, and approaching every situation with enthusiasm and energy.

I promise to always practice Integrity by holding myself accountable to deadlines, accepting responsibility when I miss, trusting my co-workers to manage their business for the best of Holzer and empowering my team to grow and succeed.

I promise to always show Respect by recognizing the value and contributions of others, being considerate when they don’t agree with my own, embrace feedback from others and give feedback as appropriate in addressing issues with individuals directly, not behind their back or in front of others.

I promise to always provide Service by going above and beyond for all Holzer customers; internal, external and community, offering solutions to problems, embracing open access to patient care for the ease of our patients and utilizing our resources for the success of Holzer.

I promise to always engage in Teamwork by actively participating in projects, seeking input from others while sharing my own knowledge, simplifying processes when able and assuming good intent from all interactions prior to acting or reacting.

Together these promises will lead to an expansion of positive culture, a more engaged workforce, constant recognition of the Holzer brand in high esteem, and a "Think Holzer First" mindset.

Volunteer Opportunities

No matter what your interests or talents, there is a place for you as a volunteer at Holzer.

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