Published on June 26, 2015

Marlene Hoffman, Holzer Hospice Volunteer“Volunteering is a way to contribute to society, to make it a better place. Never underestimate the value of volunteering for something you love.”

The comment above was made by Marlene Hoffman, who is a 17 year veteran of volunteering for Holzer Hospice, in addition to volunteering for many other local organizations. In 2014, Marlene volunteered 1700 hours, with over 500 hours at Hospice.

“At Hospice I do the bereavement mailings, sympathy cards, CareNotes, etc. for families as well as 13 month letters; sometimes I make phone calls. I’m available to help with clerical tasks as needed, I really enjoy being part of the department,” she shared. “Following retirement as a teacher from the Gallipolis City Schools I knew I wanted to be a volunteer. I was drawn to healthcare in general but feel God led me here to be a part of Hospice. This is a good fit for me I’ve been here a long time. There’s such a need for volunteers in our community, whether it be at Holzer, our local schools, your church, nursing homes…the list is endless. I encourage everyone to find the time to give to something that you care about.”

Marlene is valued for her ability to make the staff laugh at everyday situations. “Our staff truly cares about the patients for whom each day we go through the process of providing comfort in a time of transition. It’s emotionally draining work but if I am able to offer some sunshine and laughter for our staff, then I know I’ve done a valuable thing and that gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I believe that is true of volunteerism in general, you receive as much or more than you give. And yes, it’s nice to be needed. These are connections I will carry with me forever, and that means the world to me.”

Volunteers are utilized throughout our health system, and are especially important to the Hospice setting. Activities performed by Hospice volunteers include: visiting patients, cooking and baking, run errands, assisting with fundraising activities and office support.  “Volunteers with a caring touch and voice are needed and appreciated and are an integral part of our service,” stated Vicki Nottingham, BSN, RN, Holzer Hospice Director. “We are always in need of individuals to assist with our services for those in our communities.”

Holzer Hospice serves patients with a life-limiting illness, regardless of ability to pay in Athens, Gallia, Jackson, Meigs Counties in Ohio and Mason County, West Virginia.  An Open House will be held for anyone who may be considering volunteering on Wednesday, April 29 from 12:00noon to 4:00pm in the Fleur De Lis room at 2881 Jackson Pike (Thaler Building). Refreshments and volunteering information will be available.

For more information about Holzer Hospice or the Open House, call (740) 446-5074 or toll free 1-800-500-4850.


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