Published on April 06, 2017

Uptown Clinic Powered by Holzer Hosts Grand Opening

Athens, Ohio – Holzer Health System is proud to announce the Grand Opening of Uptown Clinic, an outpatient clinic located in uptown Athens, Ohio, providing convenient service for today’s healthcare consumer.

“This new site provides the uptown Athens area with an easy access point for healthcare and plays a central role in development for our system,” stated Christopher T. Meyer, DO, President and CEO, Holzer Health System. “Uptown Clinic will be utilized to further develop our technologies, our approach to examinations, diagnosis, registration, patient communication, and the entire guest experience with new innovative tools and styles.”

Uptown Clinic offers a wide range of preventative and chronic healthcare services. It will focus on students by offering text connections for appointments and follow-up, video capabilities between the patient, clinician and the parent or others if desired; and onsite lab testing and screenings. 

Holzer is proud to have Uptown Clinic as an additional access point in Athens County, with facilities on East State Street, The Clinic at Walmart, and future location at Alexander School District in Albany, Ohio.  “Holzer is dedicated to our mission of Friendly Visits, Excellent Care; Every Patient, Every Time,” stated Troy Miller, Chief Strategic Officer, Holzer Health System. “As a healthcare organization, we continually evolve our services to provide the care needed for our customers. Uptown Clinic is a prime example of how we will continue to enhance healthcare technology to meet the needs of our communities.”

“Uptown Clinic will be about change, attitude, and the opportunity to receive feedback from the next generation of patients. This will provide opportunities to efficiently and swiftly update our approach to medicine to more accurately fit the desires of our youth population,” continued Meyer. “In addition, we are excited to engage with students and faculty clinical rotations, educational research, and employee relationships.”

Initial hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm. Physical address is 5 North Court Street, Suite 1, Athens, Ohio. For more information on services provided, call (740) 589-7752.

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