Published on November 14, 2018

Holzer Athens Offers VNG Services 

Holzer Athens offers Videonystagmography (VNG) services for patients, which perform an assessment of vestibular/balance system of the inner ear in order to determine the cause dizziness or loss of balance.

“This test utilizes infrared goggles to record and monitor eye movement, providing us with the technology necessary to evaluate balance,” shared Kim Jones, MS, CCC-A, Holzer Audiologist.  “Having this test available for our patients is a much-needed service for our communities.”

Holzer provides these tests utilizing Otometrics ICS Chartr 200 for the VNG test. The test uses a camera to trace quick eye movements (or nystagmus) in response to certain visual cues and positional changes. This information is illuminating because there are neural pathways that connect the balance mechanism of the inner ear to the muscles of the eye. A disorder of the balance mechanism can result in quick eye movements that can only be detected with advanced optics.

VNG testing is recommended if an individuals is experiencing repeated episodes of dizziness, including vertigo (spinning sensation), imbalance, unsteadiness, and/or lightheadedness.

“Patients who have been experiencing these symptoms are encouraged to call about scheduling a VNG test,” continued Jones. “With the results we receive, our providers are able to make the necessary referrals to search for the cause of their symptoms.”

“Holzer’s Audiology and ENT departments work well together to provide quality care for our patients,” shared Dr. Matthew Cosenza, Holzer ENT provider. “Offering this service is another example of the Holzer team approach to caring for our communities.”

For more information on the test, or to schedule an appointment, please call 1-855-4-HOLZER.


Photo is of Kim Jones, MS, CCC-A, Holzer Audiologist, demonstrating the VNG testing device.


Photo is of Kim Jones, MS, CCC-A, Holzer Audiologist, left, with Dr. Cosenza, Holzer ENT Physician.

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