Published on March 07, 2018

URG Social Work Students Intern at Holzer Gallipolis

University of Rio Grande Social Work Students

Shown pictured left to right is University of Rio Grande Social Work students Kayla Mollohan and Kayla Buttrey, who are currently completing rotations at Holzer Gallipolis.

Holzer is proud to collaborate with the University of Rio Grande Social Work Program to host interns at our Gallipolis Medical Center. Two local URG students, Kayla Buttrey and Kayla Mollohan are currently completing rotations and scheduled to graduate in May 2018.

Buttrey is interning on the Gallipolis Inpatient Rehab floor. “I am gaining real-life experience from being on the Rehab Unit. Staff have made me feel welcome from day one,” she shared. “I enjoy seeing the transition of the patients to their home from the rehab unit. This opportunity has provided many opportunities to interact with patients, families, and co-workers and the personalities these individuals bring with them to the healthcare setting.”

Mollohan is spending time on the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit. “Since my placement at Holzer, I feel more prepared and have gained so much from this placement,” Mollohan commented. I enjoy observing the full spectrum of care and seeing the results. Holzer has provided a positive environment and skills that I will be able to utilize in my career.”

Both students began their internship in October 2017 and will complete their schedule in spring 2018.  Both shared positive statements regarding their on-site Social Work Supervisors, Megan Ihle, LSW, Holzer Inpatient Rehab, and Brittany Ottens, LSW, Inpatient Psychiatric Services. “Holzer has amazing social workers and we have grown quite close to both of our supervisors,” stated Mollohan and Buttrey. “Megan has explained her position to me thoroughly and strives daily to make sure I am learning proper protocol,” stated Buttrey. “She has made me comfortable and truly integrated me into the staff to better prepare myself for the future.” Mollohan shared, “Brittany is an amazing social worker. I appreciate that she collaborates with me on daily tasks and will often quiz me on the next step. This has been a positive experience for myself and my career.”

"Kayla (Buttrey) is a quick learner and very eager to be trained in new skills and try things on her own.  Staff and patients have very positive things to say about her," shared Megan Ihle, LSW, Inpatient Rehab Floor, Holzer Health System. "The social work community is very lucky to be gaining such a great person. I am very proud of her!"

"When Kayla (Mollohan) came to our unit, I made it my goal for her to have as much hands on experience as possible.  I have seen so many students graduate and apply for jobs with only having observation experiences and I wanted this to be different for her.  On her first day, she walked into a full unit and dove right into the social work role.  By the end of the week, I could tell that the patients were responding to her really well and they have continued to do so.  There isn't anything that I do that I wouldn't feel comfortable having her do as well,” stated Brittany Ottens, MSW, LSW, Geriatric Psychiatric Unit, Holzer Health System.  “Kayla has adapted greatly to the role of geriatric pyschiatric social worker and I have no doubt with her personality and with the experience she has gained that she will do well in any social work position.  It is a pleasure to have her on our unit."

Social Work education programs expects students to demonstrate practice skills in real life agency settings.  Paul Dovyak, Director of the BSW program at Rio Grande, emphasized the valuable partnerships the University has with local agencies like Holzer Health System.  “The majority of our social work graduates remain to work in our four county community college area”, he commented.

“We are proud to be able to complete our internship rotation at Holzer,” shared Mollohan. “Everyone is caring and have created a positive environment for patients and staff.”

“The staff is great and I can genuinely say that Holzer is constantly working to provide the very best care possible,” stated Buttrey. “I am very thankful that I was placed at Holzer for my internship.”

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