Published on April 12, 2019

Holzer Recognizes Volunteer Week

Holzer recently celebrated National Healthcare Volunteer Week April 7th through 13th.  “We currently we have 130 volunteers serving throughout the Holzer Health System in 20 departments,” states Linda Jeffers-Lester, Manager, Holzer Heritage Foundation and Volunteer Services.

President Richard Nixon established National Volunteer Week with an executive order in 1974 as a way to recognize and celebrate the efforts of volunteers.  Every sitting U.S. President since Nixon has issued a proclamation for National Volunteer Week (as have many community mayors and state governors).

Since then, the original emphasis on celebration has widened; the week has become a nationwide effort to urge people to get out and volunteer in their communities.  Every April, charities, hospitals, and communities recognize volunteers and foster a culture of service.

Volunteering has a long and distinguished history at Holzer.  The American Red Cross Gray Ladies served the Holzer Hospital Cedar Street location, which opened in 1917 with 25-beds, delivering mail for our patients.  Holzer Medical Center - Gallipolis opened in 1972 with five separate groups involved in the total volunteer program:  the HMC Volunteer Service League, the Red Cross Gray Ladies, RSVP members, Foster Grandparent Program, and Volunteens. 

Since those early beginnings, Holzer volunteers have contributed thousands of hours of service.  In addition, they have been instrumental in many other endeavors including the Lifeline Program, a personal emergency response system for people of all ages that began with seed money through Holzer Heritage Foundation.   

Holzer is proud to be a part of a generous community filled with individuals willing to give time to the patients we serve.  Volunteers are included in various special employee functions such as the Annual Picnic and the Christmas Dance.

We want to take this time to recognize the important role that each volunteer plays in the success of our organization.  For more information about volunteering, contact Jeffers-Lester, 740-446-5217 or


Photo is of the Holzer Health System Volunteers

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