Published on November 11, 2020

How to Alleviate Hip Back and Joint Pain – Tips from Holzer Wellness Center

Mike Hemphill

Mike Hemphill, MAT, PTA, CAE, Manager and Wellness Center Coach of Holzer Therapy & Wellness Center

Monitoring diet and exercise help individuals of all ages enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. Adults ages 55 and up do tend to begin experiencing hip, back and joint pain when engaging in physical activity, especially as the temperatures begin cool. There are several ways that people of all ages can alleviate pain in the hip, back and joint areas.

“Hip pain can be a broad term, and a lot of times, people will point to their glutes or their back, which can lead to different types of pain in the hip area,” Mike Hemphill, MAT, PTA, CAE, Manager and Wellness Coach of Holzer Therapy and Wellness Center said. “It is important to figure out exactly where the pain is originating from, what might be the cause, and how the pain can be alleviated.”

Different exercises such as back extensions, abdominal exercises, hip abductions, hip adductions, as well as walking, are great ways to alleviate hip, back and joint pain. By strengthening and improving one’s range of motion in these areas, you are better able to have full mobility and function for daily activities of life.

“You don’t have to worry about individuals who come in with these issues of pain being committed to exercising because they’re ready to make a change,” Hemphill said. “Staying consistent and doing these types of exercises daily or every other day can help in reduction of pain.”

Poor posture may be a reason someone is experiencing pain in the hip, back and joint areas. Hemphill teaches a class on ergonomics, and he helps people better understand and learn how to work their bodies in a way that won’t hurt them.

“Ergonomics is the science of fitting the job to the worker and being able to use our body movement correctly, which involves proper posture and body mechanics,” Hemphill said. “For example, bending over from the waist or sitting slumped at your desk is ergonomically incorrect.”

The Holzer Therapy and Wellness Center not only has the equipment to help you feel better, but also has people who can help you too. The Wellness center offers skilled staff members to aid during your exercise so that it is effective. Barb Sheets also offers massage therapy through appointment and works to accommodate and care for community members as well as members of the Wellness Center.

“Barb can work out strains or pains through massage therapy,” Hemphill said. “She is a big help to our staff. The work that she does is phenomenal and helps so many.”

The Holzer Therapy and Wellness Center is a comprehensive wellness center that offers an integrated program of total healthcare services including physical, occupational, speech and massage therapies, individualized health risk assessments and supervised fitness plans.

Personalized health assessments are performed for each enrollee. Programming goes well beyond a typical fitness center by incorporating the expertise of healthcare professionals providing the medical fitness difference resulting in a healthier and better-educated community. Members now have 24 hour/7 days a week access to utilize the Center’s workout machines and amenities.

For more information and membership rates, you can visit the Holzer Therapy and Wellness Center at, or call 740-446-5502.

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