Published on May 11, 2021

Bill Pfeifer Named Healthcare Worker of the Year Nominee for Holzer Health System

William “Bill” Pfeifer, Manager, Infection Prevention, was named the 2021 Ohio Hospital Association Albert E. Dyckes Healthcare Worker of the Year Nominee for Holzer Health System.

Bill completed his bachelor’s in science majoring in biology with a minor in psychology from the University of Rio Grande. He returned to URG to complete an Associates Degree in Nursing from the Holzer School of Nursing. In 2016, he became Certified in Infection Control by the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC®).

Bill joined Holzer in 2008, where he has worked as a Nursing Administrator, Education Coordinator and Clinical Support Manager at Holzer Medical Center – Jackson, and in 2015 moved into his current position of Infection Prevention Manager for Holzer Health System.

When asked about working at Holzer, Bill remarked, “Holzer has provided health care for my family for over 40 years.  Working for an organization that I trust to take care of my loved ones is a privilege.  The Infection Prevention and the Quality/Accreditation Department team are not only co-workers, but they are also family. Their professionalism and dedication to positive patient outcomes reflects Holzer’s mission and makes me proud to be part of the organization.”

In Bill’s nomination, his participation in Holzer’s COVID-19 preparedness and pandemic management was publicly recognized and shared in the form “Throughout COVID-19, Bill worked with all local health agencies on testing, results, and employee contact tracing.  He coordinated on quarantine practices to ensure our healthcare workers were following each health departments specific procedures. Before electronic reporting of results began, we notified each health department of all positive results and provided the information needed.  Bill takes his responsibility very seriously and is constantly serving as a resource for not only healthcare entities, but for any local agency in need of assistance deciphering guidelines, implementing new standards, and educating individuals on new policies. He has tirelessly put in many hours throughout the past year and continues to go above and beyond with any request.”

“I am extremely pleased with the Holzer response during the COVID 19 Pandemic,” shared Bill. “Our system recognized the threat early in 2020 and began preparations as the first cases were just being identified in the United States.  This preparation allowed us to adapt quickly as the CDC pushed out daily changes.  We worked with local and state health departments to identify and implement best practices as they were developed. Ultimately our staff and patients benefited from these preparations as the seriousness of this pandemic became evident.”

In his spare time, Bill enjoys nature photography and hiking. He and his wife, Shari, reside in Jackson County, Ohio and have one son, Rand.

“I am honored to receive this nomination from Holzer but feel that I am just a representative for our Infection Prevention and Quality/Accreditation Department team,” stated Bill. “It is the teamwork that provides quality in every project we implement within Holzer.”

The Ohio Hospital Association will recognize Bill and other candidates from hospitals throughout the state in the fall.  OHA asked that nominee criteria include great leader qualities, goes beyond the call of duty, reflects the mission and values of the organization, and gives back to the community.

Holzer is proud to have nominated Bill for this honor and ask our communities to congratulate him on this achievement.

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