Published on March 02, 2021

Holzer Employee Recognized for Contributions to Lifeline of Ohio

Jessica Booth

Shown pictured is Jessica Booth, LifeLine STAR award recipient, at left, with Brian Leonard, Regional Hospital Development Coordinator, Lifeline of Ohio.

Jessica Booth, 2 West Unit Manager, Holzer Health System, is being recognized for her contributions to Lifeline of Ohio for supporting efforts to save and heal lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation. 

Each year, Lifeline of Ohio recognizes the exceptional contributions of those whose outstanding work has supported their efforts. There are thousands of people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, and sadly 10 people die each day because their transplant didn’t come soon enough.

Booth’s relationship with Lifeline of Ohio makes an impact for those waiting and in need. For this recognition, Booth was described by Brian Leonard, Regional Hospital Development Coordinator, Lifeline of Ohio, as “kind, hospitable, engaging, and supportive. With Jessica’s help, I presented donation education to new nurses within Holzer Health System. You listened, added things you had learned during previous visits, asked questions, and ultimately built onto the presentation, creating a safe space for the group to engage in the conversation.”

Leonard continued, “Our most notable work with Jessica was when she involved our agency a hospital-wide education of new clinical triggers which provided staff guidelines on when to make an imminent referral.”

As an example of Booth’s commitment to helping family with organ/tissue donation, Leonard shared that when learning of a patient that had planned to donate, she supported the family’s efforts in many ways. She provided a quiet space for the Referral Center Coordinator to discuss tissue and eye donation with the family. “Your kindness and recognition of the family’s needs assisted in the family’s support of their loved one’s decision to donate. As a result, the patient was able to donate corneas and repair corneal blindness for two others.”

“I learned of Lifeline of Ohio during nursing orientation training,” shared Booth. “I have learned many things in my career as a nurse. I have prayed over, sang to, and held the hand of dying patients. I’ve also spoken with and comforted the families prior to, during, and after this emotional event. This experience is something your heart never forgets.”

“While working with Lifeline of Ohio, I became aware of the details on their processes and the number of people that can be helped through organ and tissue donation,” continued Booth. “Because of this I will continue to be an advocate for patients and families.”

Due to the pandemic, this year’s recognition will be altered. Lifeline of Ohio will announce their award winners in a new and innovative format. Beginning in March, winners from 2019 and 2020 will be celebrated through a special multi-channel social media award series, giving the winners and hospital systems their time to shine.  

Booth joined Holzer in 2007 as a nursing assistant on the Two West Inpatient Unit at Holzer Gallipolis. She has held a variety of roles within Holzer such as staff nurse in the Critical Care Unit, outpatient surgery, and clinical educator. She returned to the Two West Inpatient Unit in August 2020 as the Manager, bringing her Holzer career full circle. “Holzer has always felt like home to me,” shared Booth. “During the loss of my family members or hospitalizations, my Holzer family was supportive and I am forever grateful. I only hope that I have and will continue to make others feel the same.”

About Lifeline of Ohio

Lifeline of Ohio (LOOP) is an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and coordinate the donation of human organs and tissue for transplantation.  Lifeline of Ohio is approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as the designated organ procurement organization (OPO) serving 37 counties in Central and Southeastern Ohio, and Hancock and Wood counties in West Virginia. Lifeline of Ohio provides services to 71 hospitals through its transplant coordinators. LOOP’s clinical staff is on call 24 hours a day to coordinate the recovery and transport of tissue and organs for transplant.

Additionally, Lifeline of Ohio offers educational presentations for professional, civic, church and social organizations, as well as elementary through college level school programs.  These programs are offered year-round as a community service and are customized to meet the objectives of the particular audience.  Printed materials regarding donation, as well as donor registry information, are also available from Lifeline of Ohio by calling 800.525.5667 or visiting the web site

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