Published on January 13, 2021

Holzer Employees Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

A historical moment is upon us.  One that many of us will likely never witness again.  Amidst the last year of trials and crises, a glimmer of hope has revealed itself.  And it comes in a 0.5mL bottle. 

Vaccines have been common practice for many years now.  But as the COVID-19 vaccine recently approached the approval process, healthcare workers everywhere rejoiced in the hope that visitor restrictions, excessive PPE wear and limiting contact with their own families will soon be behind them.

Many healthcare employees have cheered, captured photos and even danced with excitement when they heard they could begin receiving the vaccine.  This means that caregivers are one step closer to keeping the community safe.  Throughout what has been a gloomy year for so many, the vaccine now provides some indication of brighter days ahead.  As employees received vaccines, there was much discussion about returning to a sense of “normalcy” that would provide things like family gatherings and seeing grandparents again.  With this vaccine, communities are yet another step closer to achieving those aspirations.

As Holzer prepares for the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine to the communities they serve, their very own employees are among those that are most excited.  Many frontline employees have worked tirelessly throughout the past year to meet the many demands and needs of the pandemic and its effect on patients.  Long hours, missed family functions, and “pandemic fatigue” have taken their toll on healthcare and frontline workers everywhere.  Holzer Care Associate and Registered Medical Assistant Jill Howard recounts of caring for patients in their final moments and how it has affected her.  “It has been traumatic to be holding a hand and praying with a patient that has hours to live or rushing a patient to ICU and praying the entire way that they do not code and you can make it to ICU.” 

To demonstrate to staff that the vaccine was both safe and effective, Dr. Mike Canady, CEO, Holzer Health System, received the vaccine early in the process.  “I was excited to receive the vaccine!  It was a great way to serve as an example to our staff and communities.  Protecting our staff means that we are all one step closer to getting back to normal.  I am just as eager to begin offering vaccines to our patients and communities.”  He goes on to state “This vaccine has been rigorously studied for both efficacy as well as safety.  I encourage everyone who is eligible to take this vaccine and reach out to their provider if they have questions.”

Holzer is working closely with state officials to determine allocation and deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine to communities.  To follow the most recent news and information regarding Holzer and COVID-19, please follow the Facebook page or visit

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