Published on March 19, 2021

Mike Dennison - Holzer Cardiac Testimonial 

Mike Dennison Still

Mike Dennison

Mike Dennison was running one day, when he suddenly experienced chest tightness. Later his arm starting aching. On September 11, he had severe arm pain. “It was hurting, not an ache,” shared Dennison.

Based on military experience, he knew he should go to the Emergency Department. “I woke my wife up and said we need to head to the Emergency Room.” The doctors examined him, ran a few tests, returned to his room, and told him that he had experienced a heart attack. Later he learned that his heart attack was a significant health occurrence. “I’m thankful that Holzer was there for me,” shared Mike.

“Mike has always been health conscious,” shared his wife, Leslie. He is what you would call a healthy guy. He runs, works out six days a week, doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. The only vice he could claim is that he used to drink more soda than he should have.

“It’s important to establish with a primary caregiver and to have those annual exams,” shared Mike. Annual exams are encouraged, even if you’re feeling healthy. Regular checkups with a primary care provider are a good way to maintain your health or identify a problem in early stages, where treatment measures can be more effective.

Individuals should strive to know your health numbers. Blood pressure readings should be less than 120/80 mm Hg, optimal cholesterol levels are: LDL – less than 130 mg/dL and HDL – greater than 40mg/dL (men) and 50 mg/dL (women), and fasting glucose levels should be less than 100mg/dL with an A1C of 5.7%. Preventive measures include reducing sodium intake to less than 2000 mg daily, exercising 30 minutes daily and limiting alcohol to a maximum of one drink per day. These guidelines are for individuals at average risk for heart disease and stroke. Individual goals may be different based on risk factors and should be established with your primary caregiver.

“I encourage everyone to take care of yourself,” shared Mike. “Go to the doctor and have those annual checkups. Look after yourself, to make sure you are around for your kids and your grandkids.”

Dennison Family

Mike Dennison and Family

Mike and Leslie reside in Gallipolis and have five children, Russell (Samie) Dennison, Madelynn (Jeremy) Wilson, Brooke (Jacob) Taylor, Ethan (Brittney) Rider, Christopher Dennison, and one grandson, Oliver, and another grandson (Wesley) due to arrive in May. He enjoys spending time with family, working out and playing golf.


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