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  • Holzer Employees Receive COVID-19 Vaccine 1/13/2021

    As the COVID-19 vaccine recently approached the approval process, healthcare workers everywhere rejoiced.

  • Holzer to Begin Infusion Therapy for COVID-19 Patients 1/8/2021

    Holzer Health System is now offering specialty infusions for COVID-19 patients meeting specified criteria.

  • Holzer Therapy Services Offers Fall Prevention Tips 1/5/2021
  • Holzer Orthopedic Patient Shares Story 1/4/2021

    The anterior approach surgery procedure for hip replacement is a technique that minimizes the pain and time from surgery to recovery. The Anterior Approach allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip as opposed to the lateral (side) or the posterior (back) approach. In this way, the surgeon can simply work through the natural interval between the muscles. The most important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles that attach to the pelvis and femur, are left undisturbed and therefore do not require a healing process.

  • Holzer Starts COVID-19 Vaccines for Local Healthcare Workers 12/23/2020

    Holzer Health System received its first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine to be given to frontline healthcare workers. The vaccines will be offered to all Holzer frontline and support personnel throughout all our 7 geographic areas in the mid-Ohio Valley as part of the national vaccine distribution plan.

  • Winter Month Fitness Tips 12/22/2020

    Exercising outdoors in colder temperatures is safe. A few adjustments will need to be made before you begin moving in colder temperatures. It is recommended to wear warm layered clothing and remove layers if needed. Individuals with respiratory or heart conditions should consider wearing a mask if exercising outdoors.

  • How to Approach Holiday Grief 12/21/2020

    For many, the holidays are a time for celebration. However, grief is more common around the holidays. Family activities, holiday parties, and traditions that were once happy occasions are now painful reminders of loss. It’s important to note that it is okay if holiday traditions change. “Try something out of the ordinary this holiday season if you or someone you know is grieving,” Shelly Ranegar, LSW, Bereavement Coordinator, Holzer Hospice, said. “You can alter old traditions to fit better with this new phase of your life.”

  • December Pediatric Sponsors Recognized 12/18/2020

    The Earl Neff Pediatric Fund at Holzer Health System continues to be supported enthusiastically by area businesses and organizations. The Pediatric Fund, in existence for over 45 years, has supplied needed toys, equipment and entertainment to the thousands of pediatric patients who have received care from Holzer's Pediatric Units. Haffelt’s Mill Outlet, represented by Marlin and Nancy Rose, and Noe-Saunders Attorney at Law, represented by Brynn Saunders Noe, are the December sponsors.

  • November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month 11/24/2020

    Holzer Health System is designated as a Lung Cancer Screening Center by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Holzer began its Low-Dose CT Scan Program on September 1, 2015 and to date has completed over ­­­­2,065 studies. By obtaining and utilizing the Whedon Cancer Detection Foundation grant funds, Holzer is able to offer a limited number of screenings for individuals who qualify.

  • Tips for Thanksgiving Provided by Holzer Dietitian 11/20/2020

    Holzer Health System Clinical Dietitian, Lorie Siders, MS, RD, LD, offers tips to help you plan for a smaller Thanksgiving.

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