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Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Student Rotations

For rotations beginning in or after January 2023, the following guidelines have been established:

A. APP students requesting clinical rotations at Holzer are prioritized as follows:

1. Current Holzer employee receiving tuition assistance from Holzer

2. Current Holzer employee NOT receiving tuition assistance

3. Immediate family member of a Holzer employee

4. Other

B. Interested students MUST complete the electronic Rotation Request Application during the appropriate application period. The application link will only be active during application periods.

C. Students who have more than one rotation request, must submit a separate application (during the applicable time period) for each request.

D. Completing the Rotation Request Application does NOT guarantee or secure future rotations.

E. Students who are accepted for a rotation, will be notified by the APP Administrative Liaison Office on or before the Rotation Notification date listed in the table below.

F. Before a student begins a rotation at Holzer, there must be an active Clinical Education Affiliation Agreement (CEAA) on file between Holzer and the student’s educational institution.

G. Students MUST comply with all HR requirements before beginning their rotation.

The Application Period is as Follows:

Rotation Start Month Application Period Rotation Notification
January - April 2023 August 1 - 31, 2022 October 1, 2022
May - July 2023 December 1 - 31, 2022 February 1, 2023
August - December 2023 March 1 - 31, 2023 May 1, 2023

Questions about the process may be emailed to the APP Administrative Liaison Office at

What to Expect After Approval

  1. HR will initiate the process to obtain an affiliation agreement with your school if one is not currently on file. If not successfully obtained, you will NOT be able to participate in a rotation.
  2. If you are a current Holzer employee, once the affiliation agreement is in place, the APP Administrative Liaison Office will provide you the contact information of your assigned preceptor so you can reach out and set up a rotation schedule.
  3. If you are NOT a current Holzer employee, you will receive an email from a member of our Human Resources team via DocuSign, with instructions for completing the student application paperwork, viewing orientation modules and submission of required documentation items such as:
    • Drug and alcohol screening results

    • BCI and FBI Criminal Background Check results

    • Proof of CPR certification

    • Copies of immunization records

    • Current health history/physical exam

      These items must be completed/submitted at least TEN BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO STARTING your rotation.

      Once all required items are completed, the APP Administrative Liaison Office will notify you of final approval and provide you the contact information of your assigned preceptor. It will be your responsibility to contact the preceptor to discuss a rotation schedule.

Questions about this process may be emailed to

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