Holzer Assisted Living - Jackson

"Assisted Living is as close to home as you can get."

This is what we hear from our residents every day. At Holzer Assisted Living, each resident is encouraged to make their new home as comfortable as possible. Residents are able to bring their own furnishings and pictures!

And because our community is so similar to home, we provide the perfect environment for recovery. Individuals who require therapies for recovery after a surgery or accident benefit from the homelike atmosphere and tremendous support offered by Holzer Assisted Living. Our therapists work with residents as needed to help them become as independent as possible or prepare them for the return home.

Assisted Living Services

Holzer Assisted Living in Jackson is conveniently located adjacent to Burlington Road on the Holzer Health Campus, which also houses Holzer Medical Center - Jackson.

We offer apartments complete with private baths and kitchenettes, an emergency call system, nursing care, incontinence care, personal care, therapy services, hospices services, limited skilled care, and much more.

The average assisted living resident typically needs assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming care. They may also have difficulty with mobility and may require a walker or wheelchair. Some suffer from decreased memory and may be forgetful with medications or have poor eating habits.

Unlike many other Assisted Living Communities, Holzer Assisted Living employs licensed nursing staff twenty-four hours per day to provide healthcare and personal assistance with bathing, dressing, and medication administration as needed. This staffing allows us to provide a level of nursing care that most assisted living communities can not provide. A medical director and physician are on staff to coordinate medical services and see residents as needed.

At Holzer Assisted Living, we strive to provide a homelike environment. Three daily meals are served for all residents. There are activity programs, church groups, van rides, and outings available. We offer a variety of necessary services, including dietician services, a pharmacy, quarterly podiatry services, physical, occupational and speech therapy, and more. A community laundry is on-hand.

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Call 740.441.9633 to schedule a tour at our Assisted Living facility in Gallipolis, or call 740.286.8785 to tour our facility located Jackson.

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