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Breast Health

Mammograms are the best protection against breast cancer. We want to be sure that you don’t avoid or delay your annual exam due to fear of pain or discomfort. Holzer offers mammography services including the certified Softer Mammogram technology, and Breast MRI technology, and the Mammotome Breast Biopsy System.


Mammography uses a low-dose x-ray for examination of the breasts. During the exam, the breast is exposed to a small dose of radiation to produce an image of internal tissue. A radiologist then analyzes the images, describes any abnormalities, suggests a likely diagnosis, and sends a report to the patient’s physician.

Softer Mammogram technology

We offer every woman the opportunity for a softer, warmer, more comfortable mammogram. MammoPad is a foam pad that serves as a cushion between your breast and the mammography equipment.

Breast MRI

The Breast MRI coil allows simultaneous imaging of both breasts with high sensitivity and homogeneity in high temporal resolution imaging of both breasts with complete coverage through to the adjacent thoracic regions.

Mammotome Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy using the Mammotome® Biopsy System can help a doctor make a highly accurate breast cancer diagnosis without the need for open breast biopsy surgery. Through the use of computer imaging (x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI), a breast abnormality can be clearly identified and mapped, even in its earliest stages. Digital imaging enables a physician to guide the Mammotome probe to gently collect tissue samples through one small ¼-inch incision.

With the Mammotome Biopsy System, a breast biopsy can be performed in an outpatient setting or a doctor's office under local anesthesia. A doctor can make a precise analysis with minimal pain, scarring and recovery time. The entire procedure generally takes less than an hour, and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately afterward.

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