Your Cancer Team

Our strongest asset at Holzer Center for Cancer Care is our staff. Our specialists blend their expertise together to provide a unified approach to optimal treatment and provide the very best comprehensive cancer care available anywhere.

Your team will likely consist of a combination of the following professionals:

  • Oncologist - Your primary physician in treatment of cancer is an Oncologist. Two types of board-certified Oncologists practice at HCCC: Radiation Oncologist and Medical Oncologist.
    • A Medical Oncologist is a doctor who is specially trained to diagnose and treat cancer with chemotherapy and other drugs. 
    • A Radiation Oncologist is a doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer.
  • Diagnostic Radiologist - A diagnostic radiologist is a physician who uses x-rays, radionuclides, ultrasound and electromagnetic radiation to diagnose and treat disease.
  • Pathologist - A pathologist is a physician who examines tissues, checks the accuracy of lab tests, and interprets the results in order to facilitate the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. He or she works closely with the patient’s other doctors and is a vital member of the patient’s primary health care team. 
  • Surgeon, general or specialist in cancer care - Surgery is used in several ways to help people with cancer. It provides the best chance to stop many types of cancer, and it also plays a part in diagnosing, staging, and supporting cancer treatment.
  • Radiation Physicist - Together with the radiation oncologist and dosimetrist, the physicist designs, plans and calculates your proper dosage for radiation treatment.
  • Dosimetrist - The dosimetrist calculates the radiation dosage and treatment plans that generate the best results while protecting normal tissue.
  • Radiation Therapist - Radiation therapists work with radiation oncologists, administering the daily radiation treatment under the doctor’s prescription and supervision. They maintain daily records and regularly check the treatment machines to insure everything is working as planned.
  • Palliative Care Physician - The Palliative Care Physician specializes in the relief of the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness. Palliative care is given throughout a patient’s experience with cancer.
  • Oncology Nurses - Oncology nurses specialize in providing care for patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments. They evaluate patients weekly or more frequently to assess needs, concerns and the overall progress of treatment.
  • Chemotherapy Nurses - The chemotherapy nursing staff at HCCC have over 75 years of combined experience in the administration of chemotherapy. They provide daily one-on-one care during the entire course of your treatment.
  • Oncology Nurse Navigators - When you, or a loved one, are facing a cancer diagnosis, oncology nurse navigators help you “navigate” through services and information in the Holzer system, find appropriate medical and social services, and educate you and your family about the entire cancer journey.
  • Others - Your team also may include a dietitian, physical therapist, social worker, chaplain and other healthcare professionals.

Cancer Committee

  • Diagnostic Radiologist: Amy Bokal, MD
  • Medical Oncologist: Khawaja Hamid, MD
  • Surgeon, general or specialist in cancer care: Alice Dachowski, MD, FACS
  • Cancer Program Administrator: Sarah Harrigan
  • Cancer Registry Quality Coordinator: Wendy Deem, RHIT
  • Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR): Brenda Mileto, RHIT, CTR
  • Clinical Research Representative or Coordinator:
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: 
  • Oncology Nurse: Vicki Wilcox, RN, OCN
  • System Director of Quality Management: Michelle Rankin, RN, MSN
  • Quality Improvement Coordinator: Michelle Rankin, RN, MSN
  • American Cancer Society Staff Representatives: Hilary Nichols
  • Pastoral Care Representative: Fred Williams, PhD
  • Rehabilitation Representative: Nikki Roe, Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation
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