Using the Reflection Labyrinth


The Healing Garden

Take a moment to center yourself as you enter the Reflection Labyrinth. Whether you actually stand at the entrance or use the Finger

Labyrinth, try to breathe as naturally and smoothly as you can. You may choose to focus on family, loved ones, friends or staff by:
  • Allowing yourself to become calm
  • Offering a prayer, meditation or reflection
  • Staying focused on an image, person or thought.

Once you reach the center, allow your body, mind and spirit to release the image, person, or thought upon which you had been focusing to the Ultimate Reality of your life (many people have a name for their God).

When you are ready to move from the center of the Reflection Labyrinth, you may retrace your steps and complete the journey, or you may simply exit from the center.

After you have completed your journey within the Reflection Labyrinth, you may want to offer a closing prayer, meditation, or reflection as your body, mind and spirit return to the outside world.

Since the Reflection Labyrinth was created and designed for two people to explore together, taking the time to walk the path or working your way through the finger labyrinth may be a relaxing way to spend a few moments together in prayer, meditation and/or reflection.

Holzer Center for Cancer Care is located at 170 Jackson Pike. The phone number is 740.446.5474.

The Finger Labyrinth

The Finger Labyrinth is a smaller version of the Reflection Labyrinth in the Healing Garden at the Holzer Center for Cancer Care.

Click the link to read more: The Finger Labyrinth

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