Holzer Cardiovascular Institute Common Questions

  • Is a referral required?
    Yes, from a primary care physician or from the ER.
  • Do we see children with cardiovascular issues?
    Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. The Holzer Cardiovascular Institute has treated minors, however, we will not hesitate to send young patients to a facility more directly focused on the cardiovascular needs of children whenever that is a more appropriate option.
  • Will I have to spend the night if I have a cardiac catheterization?
    Unless a patient comes in with an emergency situation, no. Typically, our cardiac cath patients come in the morning of their procedure and are discharged the same day.
  • Is cardiac catheterization a form of surgery?
    Cardiac catheterization is not a “surgery,” but rather a cardiac diagnostic procedure in which the risk percentage is less than that of a stress test.
  • Does a negative stress test rule out cardiovascular disease?
    A negative stress test does not always rule out cardiovascular disease.

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