Holzer Family Pharmacy

Holzer Family Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy open 7 days a week with three convenient locations. Available programs include:

  • Full prescription services
  • A mobile app for patients to view their profile, order refills, and more
  • Insurance billing
  • Holzer Medication Assistance Program (HMAP) to help patients unable to afford maintenance medications
  • Medication synchronization program, which allows prescriptions to be filled so you only makes one trip to the pharmacy per month
  • Discharge Prescription Program to make the transition from the hospital to home as simple and smooth as possible.
  • Flu and shingles vaccines with no appointment necessary

The average wait for prescriptions to be filled is less than 15 minutes! Our staff is always happy to answer any of your questions. Please call one of our locations if you need assistance.

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How to Download the Holzer Family Pharmacy App

Our pharmacy also offers many programs to help patients who may not be able to afford all of their medications. Please see the list of Programs you may qualify for:

Holzer Loyalty Discount Program

The Holzer Loyalty Discount Program is available to those patients who are underinsured or have no insurance, and this program is at no cost to you. The plan is managed by NetRx and provide prescription discounts to those who cannot pay the full amount for that prescription. Many medications are available for $5 for a 30-day supply or $12 for a 90-day supply. Others are discounted at various levels according to the current market. This is a stand alone plan and may not be used with third party insurance, due to contract restrictions.


Holzer Medication Assistance Program (HMAP) was designed to provide the necessary medications that Holzer Medical Center patients require to get well and stay in good health. This is for patients who are to be or have been discharged from Holzer or Holzer Medical Center - Jackson and require medications prescribed to them. If you are unable to pay the full amount or if you are uninsured, underinsured, in financial hardships, or have an acute or chronic medical condition, HMAP may be able to help you.

Prior to being discharged a process is to be done:

  • Contact the Social Services Discharge Planner at extension 5425
  • You, or your immediate family member, should contact the patient advocate at extension 5884, to schedule an appointment.
  • Certain personal and financial information is required for the application process.
  • Those documents are necessary and need to be present to be copied
  • Once your application has been completed by the patient advocate, it is to be sent off to the appropriate drug manufacturer for approval and may take 4-6 weeks. Once approved, your medications are sent directly to your physician or dispensed to you through the Family Pharmacy.

HMAP is funded, in part, by a grant through the joint efforts of Holzer Medical Center and Holzer Family Pharmacies.

Most programs last 12 months with the opportunity to reapply.

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