Patient Management Program

Our specialty pharmacy patients are automatically enrolled into our disease-specific specialty medication services. This is called the patient management program (PMP). The program is designed to maximize your opportunity for a positive outcome and minimize any negative effects of your specialty therapy. Specialty medications are often considered high-risk medications. This is because of their high cost, high frequency for side effects and, in some cases, difficult administration processes.

By participating in the PMP, our clinicians can:

  • Monitor your response to therapy more closely, more
  • Quickly identify and respond to any side effects or other areas of concern
  • Work with your prescriber to address these areas of concern
  • Assistance with access to Patient Assistance Programs and other financial programs to ensure your access to the medications you need

However, for you to achieve maximum benefit from our PMP we need our patients to keep us informed of any concerns, problems, or changes in the response to therapy or the ability to obtain therapy. The PMP is one of the many services we offer and it is a
free service we provide.

For more information about the PMP, ask any member of the specialty pharmacy team by calling (740) 446-5729 or emailing

Opting-out of the Patient Management Program

Ongoing participation in the program is highly encouraged. However, you may choose to opt-out of the patient management program at any point in your therapy. You will still receive your refill reminder calls even if you Opt-Out of the PMP. You may also choose to opt back into the program at any point. To opt-out or opt back into the PMP, simply tell any staff member. They will connect you with the pharmacist to make the note in your electronic patient record.

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