COVID-19 Safety: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Holzer is Safe for Care

Holzer has implemented many precautions to ensure a safe environment for patients and staff. We are screening employees, patients and guests at every entrance. All Holzer staff are wearing masks and all patients are offered masks. We are also distancing in all our areas. We are constantly cleaning and sanitizing with medical grade solvents for everyone’s protection. Holzer is taking more steps to ensure your safety than any other public place.

Should I be concerned about seeing my doctor right now?
Our facilities are located in rural settings, which provides an advantage over larger metropolitan areas. Our communities are less densely populated, allowing for natural “social distancing”. The amount of COVID-19 cases in our service area is relatively low compared to larger cities. Together with enhanced safety measures, Holzer Health System locations offer a safe environment to assist our communities with maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Why did Holzer restrict in-person visits?
Appointments were canceled, moved or delayed, as a way to conserve our personal protective equipment (PPE) in case we had a number of COVID-19 patients where PPE would have been required. Thankfully, we have not had very many COVID-19 cases. Now, with better understanding of the number of cases, we have determined that we have an adequate supply of PPE on hand and can therefore, begin again safely offering in-person procedures and appointments for our service areas.

What happens when I arrive for a visit now?
We ask a few general health questions and take your temperature. This is to help with everyone’s safety. If you have a fever, we will safely relocate you away from others. We also ask that you bring a mask. If you don’t have a mask, we will offer one.

Do I really need to wear a mask?
Masks are not really to protect the person wearing the mask, but more for everyone else around you. What we understand about COVID-19 is that it is spread through droplets. Think saliva. When people talk, sneeze, cough, or chew, moisture sometimes leaves the mouth or nose and enters the air. With a mask on, it is much less likely for this moisture to enter the open air. Even with physical distancing, a mask should be worn in high use areas, as the droplets from our breath or nose can land on surfaces that could be touched by others. Consider it this way: I wear a mask to protect you; you wear a mask to protect me. Masks are required for all clinical and non-clinical employees upon entrance and in all common areas. We ask that all visitors help keep each other safe and wear a mask as well.

What does social distancing really mean?
Think of an extra-large hoola hoop around your waist 6 feet in every direction. This protects droplets from transmitting to each other and it’s farther than a handshake away to keep from accidental contact. Lobby areas have been revised to allow for physical distancing between chairs, registration spots and exiting locations. Keep your distance everywhere and help us make this pandemic go away.

Can I visit a patient in the hospital?
ONE visitor per patient per day is our guideline for the safety of your loved one in the hospital. All approved visitors will be screened prior to entering. Visitors must wear a mask at all times. And a visitor’s badge will be provided and worn during the visit. Extraordinary exceptions apply such as for patients under the care of end-of-life services. Those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for the safety of the patient.

What are my options for care?
We understand that the best care you can receive is an in-office visit with your provider, and we will happily assist you in scheduling those. We are also scheduling video visits where appropriate and possible for your convenience. These types of visits allow your physician to see you and provides for the next best care. Finally, telephone visits are an option for those who are unable to participate in an in-person or video visit. Call 1-855-4HOLZER (1-855-446-5937) to discuss options for care.

What about the pharmacy?
We are offering curbside delivery at all Holzer Family Pharmacy locations (Athens, Gallipolis and Jackson). Pull in the parking lot, follow the signs, and call the phone number from the designated space. One of the friendly pharmacy staff will be right with you to deliver your medication curbside.

Who is deciding what must be done?
We are carefully following the safety precautions as provided by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). We will always use common sense and logic behind all decisions that affect our employees and patients. All the above measures have been put into place to offer you the most dependable and safe environment for your healthcare needs.

Will there be more changes?
As measures are altered by ODH and the CDC, we will continue to implement changes in our procedures. We will take every precaution necessary to provide safe services for everyone.

Have more questions?
Visit, find us on Facebook, and/or follow Holzer Health System social media channels for up to date information.

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