COVID-19 Testing Information

Holzer Health System has been testing daily with near real-time results for several weeks for patients with symptoms or identified exposure. Currently, we continue to manage our testing capabilities in regard to test-kit supplies that continue to have a greater demand than supply. Therefore, Holzer will continue to test patients under physician directive and will not be able to perform open testing on asymptomatic individuals with no known relevant exposures.

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Map Icon ButtonOur Gallipolis Testing Location Has Moved!

Curbside COVID-19 testing is by appointment only, and is now located at 2881 State Route 160, Gallipolis, Ohio (across from the Hospital/Clinic Campus).

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*If you are being tested at different Holzer location, information will be provided when you make your appointment.

We will continue to test according to established evidenced-based protocols as offered through the guidance of the CDC and office of the ODH. Any individual that does not meet these criteria but continues to desire a test in our region should utilize the following resources to connect to testing facilities within Ohio:, or call the Ohio Department of Health.

Holzer continues to monitor COVID-19 concerns, manage supplies for long-term safety, health and welfare of our communities, and offer the healthcare overall services for all citizens of our region.

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If you are experiencing symptoms or have knowingly been exposed, please call your Primary Care provider or your local health department to coordinate testing.

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