Next Steps If Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms

If experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please follow the decision tree below (also available as a downloadable PDF) to determine your next steps:

Download/View a PDF of the decision tree above

If you have a Holzer Provider:

If you have a Holzer provider, call 1-855-446-5937 to schedule a virtual visit.

If you do not have a Holzer Provider:

  1. If you do not have a Holzer provider, and it is after normal business hours, call Holzer Urgent Care to schedule a virtual video visit with one of our providers.
  2. The doctor will then provide a treatment plan or set up a curbside COVID test if needed.
  3. If you require a curbside test, the Holzer Hotline will contact you to schedule a date/location for your COVID test.
  4. Test results will be communicated within 24-48 hours and will be available in myHolzer patient portal account. Further tests or treatment may be considered by the provider.

If you are suffering severe symptoms (difficulty breathing, etc.):

If your symptoms are severe, we encourage you to call your nearest Emergency Department for treatment.

In addition, Holzer is working with our local health departments to assist with any testing needs for our communities.

Entrances & Facilities Updates

View our updates below regarding facilities and entrances:

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