Pediatrics Visit Walkthrough

Holzer’s Pediatrics departments are here to serve our patients. Our pediatric locations in Gallipolis, Athens, Meigs, and Jackson have reserved 9am-10am for well-child visits only. See below a step-by-step process for a pediatric visit!

  1. Pediatric patient and caregiver arrives to the facility and are greeted by an employee wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask to wear, one will be provided to you. Wearing a mask protects both you and the person you encounter from spreading any potential droplets in the air. 
  2. Patient/caregiver will check-in with registration upon arrival.
  3. Patient and family will sit in a designated waiting area for visit type (well-visit or illness check).
  4. A nurse will call the patient to the appropriate room for exam type. In most locations, well-child and sick visits each have a designated hallway of exam rooms. Throughout this process, providers and nursing staff will all be masked.
  5. Patient information is gathered by nursing staff and the initial assessment is completed.
  6. Provider assesses the patient.
  7. Once the visit is complete, the patient checks out at the front desk. If there is a line, social distancing should be observed.
  8. Nursing staff will disinfect all furniture and equipment in the exam room and wait areas.
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