COVID-19 Information

January 2021

What is the current visitor policy for the Holzer locations?

Holzer has updated its visitor policy to the following: Due to heightened safety precautions, our health system will be limiting our visitor policy. We will no longer be allowing visitors in our facilities except for the situations listed below.

• Visitors for patients under the care of end-of-life services will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

• One visitor may be allowed for those patients with physical, cognitive, or sensory limitations.

• Holzer Gallipolis Maternity Unit is allowing ONE support person per delivery.

• Outpatient Obstetrics and Pediatric clinics will allow ONE support person to attend a patient's appointment.

Approved visitors will be required to wear a mask and perform hand hygiene as needed. The Gallipolis Inpatient Psych Unit, Holzer Senior Care Center, and Holzer Assisted Living locations are NOT allowing visitors at this time. Thank you for your cooperation as we care for our communities. Click here for updated information.

How do I schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

We are working to administer the vaccine to the appropriate patients, based on state and federal guidelines. Vaccines will be scheduled in phases, according to age and medical condition. Scheduling will begin on January 18th and appointments may be made by calling (740) 446-5566. If you have not already joined the MyHolzer patient portal, please click here to receive communication and reminders about the vaccine. For additional information regarding the vaccine, visit our webpage at

What is monoclonal therapy and who can receive it as treatment for COVID-19?

There is much excitement around monoclonal antibody infusion, which is now being offered to some COVID-19 patients at Holzer. To learn more about the treatment and who may be appropriate to receive it, click here.

I'm experiencing COVID symptoms. What should I do next?

If experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please follow the information below to determine your next steps.

If you have a Holzer provider, call 1-855-446-5937 to schedule a virtual visit. If you do not have a Holzer provider, and it is after normal business hours, call Holzer Urgent Care to schedule a virtual video visit with one of our providers. The doctor will then provide a treatment plan or set up a curbside COVID test if needed. If you require a curbside test, the Holzer Hotline will contact you to schedule a date/location for your COVID test. Test results will be communicated within 24-48 hours and will be available in you MyHolzer patient portal account. Further tests or treatment may be considered by the provider.

If Holzer Urgent Care is closed and your symptoms are severe, we encourage you to call your nearest Emergency Department for treatment. Click here for additional information.

I need to call Urgent Care to set up a virtual appointment. What number do I call?

Holzer has several Urgent Care locations within our service area. Click here for more information about Urgent Care services and locations.

I had a COVID test. How do I find my results?

A Holzer representative will contact you to inform you of your results. If you have a MyHolzer patient portal account, results are also available there.

My COVID results were positive. What do I do next?

Individuals who test positive with COVID-19 are required to quarantine for 10 days. Those that have been exposed to the individual who tested positive are recommended to quarantine for 14 days. For more information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website or the Ohio Department of Health website. For additional information, please reach out to your local health department.

I'm interested in doing a virtual video visit with my Holzer provider. How do I schedule one?

A virtual visit is a safe and convenient way to schedule an appointment with your provider. If interested, please call our facility at 1-855-446-5937. The receptionists will work with you to schedule a virtual appointment with your provider. Once the appointment is set, a link will be sent to your phone for you to click on when it is time to join your appointment. For more information, click here.

When will Holzer receive the COVID vaccine to give to patients?

Holzer is excited to begin offering the COVID-19 vaccine to our communities. We are distributing the vaccine based on the age requirements set by the State of Ohio. If you or a family member qualify for a vaccine, please call our scheduling department at (740) 446-5566. Click here for more information on the distribution timeline.

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