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At Holzer, our mission is to provide Friendly Visits, Excellent Care, Every Patient, Every Time. In addition to 150-plus providers specializing in more than 30 areas of medical specialties, Holzer offers events and classes ranging from health fairs and community events to maternity classes to support groups, as well as a range of online, interactive and other multimedia resources to help you stay up-to-date with the latest about your health and wellness.

At Holzer, caring for the health needs of the community goes beyond providing exceptional care to our in-patients and out-patients. Better health is a matter of reaching out to the communities we serve.

Education, support groups, and disease prevention comprise the core of our mission, but as you will see, the variety of services and events provided by our health care system are extensive and something new is always happening throughout the year.

Health Questions?

Our patient education materials are developed and maintained by Staywell, the leader in patient information, and provides the most up-to-date education resources available.

At Holzer, we believe a patient’s well being is above all else. We realize sometimes questions slip your mind when while face to face with one of our healthcare professionals, and now you can search for answers 24 hours a day. With access to more than 4,000 topics relating to health and medication, Krames Online allows you and your family the ability to find answers to questions, both big and small. It is Holzer's commitment to making sure you get the care you need, the answers you deserve and the resources to make it happen.

Explore our Health Library

Holzer provides a comprehensive health library to help you and your family live life well. Visit the Holzer Health Library to learn more.

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