Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)

Holzer Health System (Holzer and Holzer Medical Center - Jackson), a not-for-profit corporation with headquarters located at 100 Jackson Pike, Gallipolis, Ohio, continues its need to comply with the IRS section 501(r)3, requiring non-profit hospital organizations to conduct a community health needs assessment (CHNA) and adopt an implementation strategy to meet the community health needs. Needs are to be identified through the CHNA process at least once every three years. To complete that requirement the system must coordinate existing and other data resources into an assessment of community health needs and available resources to address these health needs; conduct a process of gaining community input that represents the broad interests of the community; complete a prioritization process that leverages the data assessment and community input to focus on hospital-led priorities; adopt an implementation strategy for the hospital’s response to fulfilling the community need(s) before the 15th day of the fifth month following the taxable year in which the hospital facility finishes conducting the CHNA; and publicly report the needs assessment and implementation strategy. This report meets those conditions.

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