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  • Assistive Equipment for the Home

    Assistive equipment is any kind of tool or device that can help simplify caregiving or make the environment safer for an ill, disabled, or elderly person.

  • Asthma and Exercise

    Exercise is a common trigger for many people with asthma. This is called exercise-induced bronchoconstriction or EIB. But living with EIB doesn't mean you need to give up exercise.

  • Binge Eating Disorder

    Binge eating disorder is when someone often eats large amounts of food in a short time. It is also called compulsive overeating. Learn more about symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.

  • Controlling Asthma Triggers at Home and Work

    An important part of managing asthma is the control of triggers. These are things that make symptoms worse or cause flare-ups. Triggers may be anywhere, inside or out.

  • COPD: End-of-Life Care

    What kind of care would you want if you were no longer able to speak for yourself? Read on to learn how to prepare.

  • Cuts and Wounds of the External Ear

    Helpful first aid tips for handling minor cuts, wounds, or deep cuts a child may get to the outer ear.

  • Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

    People with diabetes may develop eye problems such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. In this video, you'll find out more about these problems and what you can do to prevent them. The best approach is good control of your blood sugar levels. You should also have a yearly eye exam.

  • E. Coli Illness Quiz

    As a source of foodborne illness, E. coli bacteria can be deadly. But aren't E. coli also regular residents of our intestines? When do E. coli become the "bad guys"? To learn more about this common bacterium, take this quiz.

  • Each Day Sober Slowly Helps Alcoholics' Brains Recover
  • Ear Barotrauma

    Pressure differences between the inside of the ear and the outside of the ear can cause ear barotrauma or ear damage. It can cause pain and sometimes permanent hearing loss. It can be caused by scuba diving, air travel, or exposure to an explosion.

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