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  • Adenoidal Hypertrophy, KidsHealth
  • Aerobic Exercise for a Healthy Heart

    Exercise is a lot more than an energy booster and a stress reliever. It also strengthens your heart muscle, lowers your blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and burns calories.

  • After Elbow Arthroscopy

    After elbow arthroscopy, your joint may be swollen, painful, and stiff. You may be told to bend and straighten your arm soon after surgery. Follow your surgeon's guidelines for healing.

  • After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

    Learn what to expect as you recover in the weeks after your endoscopic sinus surgery.

  • After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

    After surgery you’ll be moved to a recovery room. You may feel groggy from the anesthesia and will likely have some mild pain. There will be a dressing under your nose to absorb drainage. You may also have packing (absorbent bandage) inside your nose. You can often go home as soon as you’re no longer feeling groggy. This is often the same day. In certain cases, you may need to stay overnight.

  • After Episiotomy

    Your healthcare provider either performed an episiotomy (an incision made to enlarge the opening of the vagina) or repaired tissue that was torn during your baby’s birth. Here you will find suggestions to avoid infection and constipation, and to ease pain.

  • After Laparoscopic Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy

    You were diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy that develops outside the uterus. Your healthcare provider did a laparoscopic procedure to treat your condition. Here are some instructions for caring for yourself when you are at home.

  • An Eating Disorder's Legacy: Stopping the Cycle

    Alice struggled with bulimia for 38 years, unknowingly passing it to her daughters. After one daughter gave her an ultimatum to either get help or never see her again, she decided it was time to get well. This is her story...

  • Anatomy of the Ear

    Your ear can be divided into 3 main parts. These are the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. The outer ear and middle ear help collect and amplify sound. The inner ear converts sound waves to messages that are sent to the brain. The inner ear also senses the movement and position of your head and body so you can maintain your balance and see clearly, even when you change positions.

  • Anatomy of the Ear

    The ear is a complex and delicate organ. It collects sound waves so you can hear the world around you. The ear also has a second function—it helps you keep your balance. Your ear can be divided into 3 parts.

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