Q&A with Dr. Joshua Bryant: Answering Questions About Men's Health

Q. why is it important for men to schedule annual health checks with their primary care provider?

A. I always appreciate the phrase "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Many serious health problems that adversely affect our population can be addressed before they even begin. My goal as a primary care provider is to stop minor concerns from turning into much larger problems. Routine check-ups for men are an integral part of preventative medicine.

Q. What type of health concerns should be covered each year during a well visit and at what ages do certain types of screenings start?

A. Great question! The type of health concerns that should be covered each year are (first and foremost) whatever the patient wants. If you have an issue or inquiry, it is important to bring it up with your physician, no matter how trivial you may think it is. As for routine screenings, there are a variety of conditions tested during each and every visit. These include high blood pressure, depression, fall risk, respiratory failure, acute illness, obesity, and many others. As we get older, different preventative measures become available. For example, colon cancer screening typically begins in the late 40s while prostate screening starts in the early 50s. Annual visits ensure that you remain up-to-date on all routine preventions.

Q. Are there vaccines that individuals should receive as they age?

A. Currently, the recommended vaccination is (of course) the COVID vaccine. We need as many people as possible to get immunized to overcome this pandemic. Other vaccinations are as follows: flu shot annually, tetanus every 10 years, Shingles at age 50, and Pneumonia at age 65.

Q. What about nutrition? Do men need to make sure they are getting certain foods in their diet for optimal health?

A. In my practice, I typically recommend a diet consisting of a decent portion of fruits and vegetables, while limiting things like processed foods. However, everyone has a body that is unique to them, which requires its own specialized source of nutrients. I recommend that people try to tailor their diet to their body. If you eat something that makes you feel energized and healthy without feeling bad later, maybe that is the right food for you? For example, I feel a lot stronger in the mornings after I consume a handful of nuts. If you’re curious about the best diet plan for you, speak with a local nutritionist.

Q. With addition of virtual visits and patient portal technology, tell us how technology has advanced the patient/provider relationship.

A. These new advancements make communication a lot easier. With the patient portal, you can send inquiries directly to your doctor through a secured and private message system. Virtual visits allow easy access to doctor appointments with the use of video communication. You can have a doctor visit from almost anywhere, which is wonderfully convenient.

Joshua Bryant, DO, Family Medicine, is accepting new patients at our Gallipolis location, and provides primary care services including routine check-ups, care for chronic illnesses, health risk assessments, immunizations, health maintenance plans, coordination of specialized medical care, and osteopathic manipulative therapy.

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