Mays Shares Experience of Two Total Knee Replacements

Holzer Orthopedic patient, Aleisha Mays, with her husband, Jeff.A total knee replacement is no easy task. Two total knee replacements within two months of each other is even tougher, but Aleshia Mays did it with the help of well-respected Holzer Orthopedist, Jason Cox, DO.

"My knees had been getting progressively more painful and less cooperative, and I was having trouble doing normal, everyday things," said Mays. "I heard about Dr. Cox through word-of-mouth referrals from patients, nurses and physical therapists."

Thanks to Dr. Cox and his team, Mays is now able to do everything she was unable to do before. She can attend sporting events safely now and is not scared to walk up and down steps. Mays said she is not afraid of her knees feeling like they will "go out" anymore.

"It's been like getting a new life with new knees," said Mays.

Mays did participate in physical therapy for both of her knee replacement surgeries. She urges those who may need this same procedure done to attend all their physical therapy appointments to strengthen their knee. Mays shared the best part of the procedure and after care is that it was all close to home.

"You do not have to travel to a bigger hospital or city for total knee replacement surgery," said Mays. "We have a skilled and professional surgeon available locally as well as trained therapists who treat you as a person instead of a number."

She shared that she and her family had a great experience from her first visit to her last. Dr. Cox spoke to Mays and her family in a kind way and made sure that everyone understood the procedure, after care and what was to come as she recovered from total knee replacement surgery.

"If you need this same procedure, ask around and get peer referrals," said Mays. "You will find Dr. Cox has a great reputation."

Mays resides in Long Bottom, Ohio with her husband. They have two grown children and love their little cabin on the hill. Together, Mays and her husband enjoy kayaking, hiking, gardening, and taking care of their parents.

Shown pictured is Holzer Orthopedic patient, Aleisha Mays, with her husband, Jeff.

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