Chaplaincy Services

If you are in crisis, Holzer Chaplaincy Services is here for you. And while it is often thought chaplains address only end-of-life issues, the staff of Holzer Chaplaincy Services is here for much more, providing a wide range of services from ethical consultations and living wills to simple but needed reassurance.

If you wish to email the Chaplaincy Services at Holzer Gallipolis or Holzer Medical Center - Jackson, please utilize our email address of We are always available to provide comfort, support, and to answer your questions.

Chaplaincy Services provides routine pastoral visitation for our patients and residents in each Holzer facility. Emergency pastoral care and intervention can be requested through either the Holzer Operator or the Nursing Administrator (dial “0” on a Holzer phone and ask for who you want).

Chaplaincy Services provides the following services free of charge:

  • Patient and Staff Visitation provides a routine opportunity for the patient, a family member, or a staff member to raise issues in a non-threatening manner and find resolution through dialogue, prayer, and reflection with a chaplain that is protected by confidentiality.
  • Pastoral Presence and Prayer provides clinically trained hospital chaplains to patients, their families, and the staff when challenged by circumstances of life that stress human experience to provide emotional comfort and spiritual support.
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling provides the added value of clinically trained chaplains with a faith based perspective in helping patients, their families, and the staff make sense of their circumstances and the opportunity for healing at an emotional and spiritual level.
  • Practical Counseling provides representative ministry at the most crucial moments of life when our patients, their family, and/or the staff experience a significant disruption in the regular, routine aspects of life. Chaplains represent the healthcare system to provide information and interpretation on matters of ethics, patient rights, and responsibilities based on sound teachings, policies, procedures, and practices.
  • Spiritual Assessments provide the medical and nursing staff with an alternative perspective when providing service within the healthcare setting. Spiritual Assessments are based upon a clinical interview with the patient by the chaplain in understanding the patient’s concerns, desires, and needs that may transcend the traditional medical model for care, but that contribute to the plan of care.
  • Conflict Resolution provides a third party intervention into difficult and problematic situations when patients and their families are challenged by healthcare choices within the healthcare facility
  • Crisis Intervention & Grief Counseling provides clinically trained hospital chaplains and counselors for those situations that place people in stressful circumstances due to emergencies, trauma, or loss. In both cases the interventions and counseling are provided within the healthcare facility during the need.
  • Advance Directives provide guidance for end-of-life care decision making for the patient and patient’s family. This can include aid with living wills and medical powers of attorney.

    Learn more about Advance Directives

All patients are seen by request, referral or consultation. All Chaplaincy Services are provided free of charge.

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