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At Holzer Health System, our Core Values guide us to keep the patient at the center of all we do. We recognize that patients are the experts of their own bodies and families are essential to every patient’s health and an integral member of the care team. We want to invite patients and families who have had personal experiences with Holzer to be our partner to provide a patient-family perspective on the delivery of care experienced at Holzer.

Through this partnership, advisors will share their experiences and perspectives providing us with a patient or family member’s view about the patient and family experience and helping identify opportunities to improve care for all patients and families.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Dignity and respect – We will try to listen and honor patient and family perspectives, choices and backgrounds.
  • Information sharing – We try to share complete, accurate, timely and unbiased information with patients and families.
  • Participation – We off patients and families choices about approaches to care and we support them in the level of decision making and participation they choose.
  • Collaboration – We partner with patients and families in the plan of care and value the understanding families bring to this partnership; and involve patients and families to improve the healthcare experience.

What is a Patient and Family Advisor?

Patient and Family Advisors (PFAs) work in partnership with Holzer to create a patient-centered care environment and experience. Advisors provide the patient and family perspective across a wide range of Holzer initiatives and give direct input on the decisions, policies and practices that affect the services our patients receive.

What are the Roles of a Patient and Family Advisor?

Depending on your interest, you can contribute in a variety of ways and from the convenience of your own home. Some advisors may participate for as little as an hour a month and others several hours a month. Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Faculty Advisors – Advisors who are dedicated to teaching staff and students through sharing personal stories and experiences. Time Commitment: once a month to once every two months.
  • Project Advisors – Advisors who share ideas and give feedback on projects with a defined beginning and end. Time Commitment: once a month to once every two months.
  • Information Advisors – Advisors who review patient communication and educational materials to ensure they are patient friendly and easy to understand. Time Commitment: once a month to once every two months.
  • Online Advisors – Advisors who share feedback in short on-line surveys. Topics may include patient care experiences, new services and improvement ideas, and better ways to partner with patients. Time Commitment: one to two surveys per month
  • Facility Advisors – Advisors who assist and provide insight on the design of new or the remodeling of existing facilities. Time Commitment: once a month to once every two months.
  • Committees – Advisors join existing operational committees and partner with leaders, providers and caregivers to improve the planning and delivery of the patient and family experience. Time Commitment: once a month
  • Advisory Councils – In this longer term role, participants provide feedback on personal health care experiences and offer suggestions to improve specific services (i.e. Cardiac Rehab).

What are the Qualities Needed of a Patient and Family Advisor?

A Patient and Family Advisor should be able to:

  • Have personal experience(s) with Holzer services
  • Ability to help providers and staff better understand patient/family perspective
  • Provide input fairly and objectively
  • See beyond personal experiences
  • Constructively share insight and information about experiences in ways that others learn from
  • Respect diversity and opinions of others
  • Speak comfortably in a group and works in partnership with others
  • Show concern for more than one issue
  • Enthusiastic and positive about Holzer’s mission and vision
  • Willing to listen and consider different points of view

Would you like to help improve the experiences of patients and family caregivers at Holzer Health System?

We are actively looking to expand our network of patients and family caregivers who have personal experiences at Holzer Health System and who want to partner with staff, physicians and leadership to improve care for all patients and families.

Apply now!

Download printable version of the Patient and Family Advisor Application

For more information, contact Organizational Experience at 740.441.3392.

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