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Holzer Family Medicine Residency Program

ACGME Accredited

Accreditation Status: Continued Accreditation

10-Year Site Visit (Approximate): April 1, 2029

Accreditation ID: 1203800693

*Currently pursuing Osteopathic recognition status

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The Holzer Family Medicine Residency program is a three-year Family Practice Residency. The program includes 12 residents and features an apprenticeship-style model where more than 75 percent of rotations are 1-on-1 with an attending physician. The size of our program allows us to tailor resident educational requests.

Key features of our program include:

  • Rural setting in Southeastern Ohio
  • Sponsored by the Marshall Community Health Consortium, a subsidiary of Marshall University School of Medicine
  • Focus on outpatient clinic
  • Full-time status for residents (See Salary & Benefits)
  • Hospital system with most major specialties (Neurosurgery and Infectious Disease specialties not available)
  • Excellent retention rate into Holzer Health System after graduation

Osteopathic Recognition

The Holzer Family Medicine Residency program is currently pursuing Osteopathic Recognition by the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Our program is directed by an Osteopathic Physician and endorses the use of Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy as a treatment modality.

As a part of our effort in pursuing Osteopathic Recognition by the ACGME, we are creating a hospital service line to be able to treat appropriate conditions of hospitalized patients.

Residents who have an MD degree are encouraged to attend Osteopathic-specific learning activities outside of Holzer and required to attend Osteopathic-focused lectures on a monthly basis.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide Friendly Visits, Excellent Care, Every Patient, Every Time. Our vision is to be the regional leader in primary care, general medical and surgical services, cancer care, post-hospital care, and healthcare education.

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For questions or for more information, email or call 740-446-5739.

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